Water Pump O-Ring Q70 Hybrid. M35 hybrid. EX35, EX37. M37, Q70. FX35. QX70. FX37. QX50. Q40. G35. G37. Q50. Q60. Inner. 3.7L, #1. 3.5L, 3.7L, front. 3.5L, 2009-10, no. 1.
There are two radiator hoses. The upper radiator hose carries hot coolant from the thermostat housing on the engine to the radiator inlet. After the coolant passes through the radiator and sheds excess heat, the coolant exits the bottom of the radiator into the lower radiator hose, bringing the cooled fluid back to the engine.
Early throttle body injection (TBI) systems used an idle air control stepper motor. Effective idle speed control must anticipate the engine load at idle. A full authority throttle control system may be used to control idle speed, provide cruise control functions and top speed limitation. It also monitors the ECU section for reliability.
A coolant leak can be a huge issue if left untreated. Without patching your leak, your engine might overheat, causing irreparable damage to other parts of your vehicle. Luckily, nipping an automobile coolant leak in the bud before it has a chance to cause further damage is relatively straightforward, even for novice car owners. Continue reading ...